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How it all started

It all started when Dr/ Alaa, the Co-Founder & CEO of Woodpecker was doing his PHD in Germany and he visited his friend in Berlin who asked to help him in assembling a DIY book shelf. Dr/ Alaa got really interested in the idea and started shopping for cut-to-size wood sheets to assemble furniture.
A strange coincidence made Dr/Alaa meet an employee in one of the most famous companies that sells kitchen fronts and worktops in Germany on his way to the largest fair for furniture production in Germany. At this point, the idea of making kitchens in Egypt emerged.


WOODPECKER was founded in 1978 in a small workshop offering high - end quality Kitchens.
In 1981 we moved to a small factory.
In 1988 we moved to a larger factory in 6th of October city.
1998 woodpecker became a share holding company and factory expansion.
From 1981 till 1999 Woodpecker sold its designs & products through a sole agent and from 1999 till now we sell our products through Woodpecker showrooms in City Stars, Mohandessin and in 6 October City.


Woodpecker is an Egyptian company specialized in designing and manufacturing high-end kitchens in addition to bathroom units, dressing units, walk in closets and wooden doors. We managed to position ourselves as one of Egypt, and Middle East’s leading brand names in this field. We made a mark on the industry with a breakthrough product.
Woodpecker manufactured more than 30,000 kitchens for our elite clients and we also exported our products to Europe, Middle East & Africa.


What makes us demanded especially from the high-end clients is our key strength points. Our team got the passion for creativity in designing the products. We believe in the power of creative design and its ability to engage and inspire people. Not only the creativity, but also the design uniqueness for each and every client according to his needs. We have infinite possibilities of sizes and finishes and each WOODPECKER customer will have a unique design tailored to his needs. We use very high quality materials in manufacturing our products and this leads to client satisfaction after long term usage. The finishing is a key thing that is being revised by the quality control step by step in the process of manufacturing. And finally, the functionality of the products differentiates us in the market as we try our best to make our products helpful and practical tools making the client’s life much easier. We have implemented a system that has infinite possibilities of sizes & finishing options, that’s why each of Woodpecker’s designs is so unique, made specifically for a special customer.

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